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28.09.2012 14:23

VDE awards first-ever VDE Quality Tested certificate for PV plants - to Q.MEGA Block from Q.CELLS

Bitterfeld-Wolfen / Frankfurt am Main, 28 September 2012 – The VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) has awarded Q.CELLS’ standardised block unit for large-scale solar power plants a new seal of quality: As of now, Q.MEGA, the 1.4-megawatt standard block unit for ground-mounted systems, holds the VDE Quality Tested certificate for managed planning and correct construction. The certificate was presented by the renowned, independent testing institute at the solar energy exhibition PVSEC in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). As part of the certification process, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) drew up a yield expertise confirming the performance of the solar modules, the strings and the entire solar park.

The new VDE Quality Tested certificate for large-scale solar power plants provides investors with the security of knowing a large-scale Q.CELLS solar power plant is a high-quality investment which generates reliable yields throughout its life. In addition to the generally valid Q.MEGA certification, investors can now commission individual certification processes for future solar parks.

Q.MEGA is the first standard application for which the VDE has issued the new VDE Quality Tested certificate for power plants. In doing so, the VDE, as an independent testing institute, has confirmed that the Q.MEGA standard block unit is planned and assembled safely, correctly, to high standards of quality and in compliance with existing standards. All parts and components used in the Q.MEGA, including the certified crystalline solar modules from Q.CELLS, are tested and approved for use as well as certified and/or tested in-house.

Before issuing the certificate, the VDE examined planning documents for the Q.CELLS standard block unit, as well as drawing on the example of the Zerbst solar park in Saxony-Anhalt to check the correct assembly of the components and the safety of the electrical connections, the potential equalisation and the inverter. Further, the VDE commissioned the Fraunhofer ISE to carry out a field performance measurement and conduct separate performance measurements on individual solar modules from the plant at the Fraunhofer ISE’s testing facility in Freiburg. The findings of these exacting checks and measurements led to Q.MEGA receiving the VDE Quality Tested certificate for PV power plants.

Q.CELLS is one of the world’s leading photovoltaics companies and offers a wide range of photovoltaic solutions, from solar cells and modules to solar power plants. Q.CELLS’s products are developed and manufactured at its headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Germany) and marketed via its global sales network. It also has a second production plant in Malaysia. More than 200 scientists and engineers at Q.CELLS are working to swiftly advance solar technology and achieve Q.CELLS’ twin aims: driving down the costs of photovoltaics quickly and permanently, and making solar power competitive. The close links between R&D and production enable Q.CELLS to rapidly translate cutting-edge innovation into mass production - and underpin its ambition to be at the forefront of photovoltaic technology.

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