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10.07.2012 13:00

Q.CELLS develops 60-cells module with a record performance of 301 wattpeak

Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Germany), 10 July 2012 – Q.CELLS is the first photovoltaics company in the world to break the 300 wattpeak (Wp) barrier for 60-cells modules. The record performance of 301 Wp was confirmed by the independent testing institute SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) Institut Fresenius in Dresden. This record-breaking development underscores Q.CELLS’ leading role in the PV sector and the technological advancement of German quality manufacturers.

The record-breaking module is based on the Q.ANTUM technology, which is under constant development at Q.CELLS. The base material for the solar cells are 180 ?m-thick n-doped monocrystalline silicon wafers. Q.CELLS deposited functional nano-layers onto the rear side of these wafers at its in-house research centre and applied metal contacts using a cost-efficient screen-print technique. Cell efficiency of 20.9% had already been achieved using this same cell architecture at the start of the year. By a conductive adhesive from Sony Chemicals Europe, 60 of these highly efficient solar cells were interconnected and encapsulated. The resulting modules completely eliminate boron-oxygen degradation and show an increased energy yield. Not only do they offer higher performance, but also extreme long term stability.

“Our aspiration is to develop the best technology for today and the innovations of tomorrow,” said Karl Heinz Küsters, Head of Technology at Q.CELLS. “The development of this record-breaking module once again underlines our position as a technological leader.”

The development work was partly supported by the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt and the German federal government.

At Q.CELLS, some 200 scientists and engineers work in the company’s own in-house research centre to quickly reduce the costs of photovoltaics over the long-term by introducing new technologies. The close intertwinement between research, development and production allows Q.CELLS to quickly transfer its innovations into series manufacture and therefore retain its position as a technology leader in the photovoltaics sector.

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