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13.06.2012 08:41

Q.CELLS showcases innovations at Intersolar 2012

  • Under the slogan “Quality is the best guarantee” Q.CELLS presents its product portfolio at the trade fair to be held in Munich from 13 to 15 June
  • Seven innovations will be on show – from the innovative cell concept Q.ANTUM to new solar modules and smart PV applications
  • Press tour starts at 10:00 a.m. on 13 June at Q.CELLS’ booth

Bitterfeld-Wolfen / Munich (Germany), 13 June 2012. Under the slogan “Quality is the best guarantee”, Q.CELLS showcases its products and presents itself at booth A3.250 of this year’s Intersolar Europe to be held from 13 to 15 June. The company undermines its technological leadership and the superior quality of its products with numerous innovations in the field of photovoltaic products, applications and services. Special highlights include the record-breaking technology Q.ANTUM, which delivers an unprecedented level of efficiency, a new generation of poly and mono crystal cells plus updates to the company’s Q.PRO and Q.PEAK solar modules, which have been developed as product families featuring various module formats. Additionally, Q.CELLS will be exhibiting a comprehensive PV application range for the first time, underlining its successful transformation from a component manufacturer to a PV solutions provider. Along with its flat roof system Q.FLAT-G2, Q.CELLS has begun offering its customers Q.PORT, a car port system for large parking spaces plus Q.MEGA, a standard unit developed in-house for the use of large PV projects. In the future, Q.MEGA will stand out by the “quality tested certificate” of the association VDE, which stands for the toughest quality control in the market place.”

“Q.CELLS sets itself apart from the competition through the quality and superior lifespan of its products –more than ever,” stresses Clemens Jargon, head of sales & marketing and product management. “As our recent successfully concluded projects prove, our customers are banking on the reliability and high yields of Q.CELLS products – even when times are tough. The shift from a seller´s to a buyer´s market will make quality one of the most crucial competitive advantages. And Q.CELLS clearly scores points on that front.”

All of Q.CELLS’ products carry a unique seal of quality – the “Q.CELLS Yield Security”. It combines three quality assurances in one. Firstly, the company’s solar cells and solar modules are inured from hot spots. Secondly, thanks to an individual TRA.Q tag, each product can be traced back. Finally, all Q.CELLS products have been protected against power loss through PID (potential induced degradation). A recent accelerated PID test conducted by Fraunhofer CSP concluded that Q.CELLS modules thanks to newest technologies suffered from absolutely no power loss whatsoever. Other types of modules, meanwhile, suffered up to 90 per cent power loss due to PID.

At its Intersolar 2012 booth, Q.CELLS will reveal details of its most recent developments, forward-looking technologies and smart applications. All of them were “engineered in Germany”, and all of them are leading in terms of yield, quality and safety. The confidence our customers have shown and a very low complaint rate of 0.025% demonstrate very clearly that quality is the best guarantee. Q.CELLS will bring seven innovations to Munich:

- Q6LMXP3-G2: Our new mono cell generation is the engine for record performance
- Q.PEAK-G2: The new 60-cell mono product sets standards for high performance and appearance
- Q.PEAK S: The 48- cell mono solar module provides an ideal addition to the 60 cell Q.PEAK-G2 module. It is especially suited for smaller roofs, or those with nooks and crannys
- Q.PEAK BLK-G2: The latest generation of our mono-aesthete with 60 cells
- Q.PRO L: Featuring 72 cells, this poly modul expands our module portfolio
- Q.PORT: The Q.CELLS carport solution will be exhibited as a module and in miniature on a 1:2 scale
- Q.FLAT-G2: Our efficient solution for flat roofs – particularly suited for use on commercial buildings

The comprehensive product portfolio on show underlines Q.CELLS’ strategic transformation from a component manufacturer to a provider of PV solutions. And Q.CELLS is continuing to develop new and smart applications. Along with Q.FLAT and Q.PORT, which are particularly suitable for commercial buildings, Q.CELLS has started selling kits with local partners in Japan some time ago. In the United Arab Emirates, the company recently created that land’s very first off-grid system. As its portfolio widens, the company’s technology leadership on the cell level remains a reliable engine for all of Q.CELLS’ PV products. NOTE for journalists: To mark the start of the trade show, Q.CELLS will organise a press tour starting Wednesday June 13 at 10:00 a.m. at the Q.CELLS booth A3.250, which will provide you with further information about our product innovations.

The Q.CELLS Group is one of the world’s leading photovoltaic companies and offers a wide range of photovoltaic solutions, from solar cells and modules to solar power plants. Q.CELLS’s products are developed and manufactured at its headquarters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Germany) and marketed via its global sales network. It also has a second production plant in Malaysia. More than 200 scientists and engineers at Q.CELLS are working to swiftly advance solar technology and achieve Q.CELLS’ twin aims: driving down the costs of photovoltaic quickly and permanently, and making solar power competitive. The close links between R&D and production enable Q.CELLS to rapidly translate cutting-edge innovation into mass production - and underpin its ambition to be at the forefront of photovoltaic technology. Q-Cells SE is quoted in the Prime Standard on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (QCE; ISIN DE0005558662).

Executive Board: Dr Nedim Cen (CEO, CFO), Dr Andreas von Zitzewitz (COO, CSO)
Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Prof Dr h c Karlheinz Hornung

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06766 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany
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