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08.02.2012 12:13 Von: EuPD Research

Q.Cells: Awarded as European Top Brand

Q.Cells is ”TOP BRAND PV“ in three European countries. EuPD Research awards leading brands in the photovoltaics branch with the “TOP BRAND PV“ seal.

Bonn. Q.Cells can be counted as one of the most well-known and popular PV module brands among installers in Germany, France and Italy. This result was gleaned from an independent survey of installers and end-customers conducted by the Bonn-based market and opinion research company EuPD Research. Alongside a high aided brand awareness among end-customers, Q.Cells also gained a strong position in the brand portfolios of installers. The share of this brand in the sales volume of the installers – the so called distribution depth – is very high. Q.Cells solar modules were also rated above average in the most important solar markets and were therefore awarded with the seal “TOP BRAND PV” by EuPD Research.

The “TOP BRAND PV“ seal was developed by EuPD Research in 2010 as a way of objectively evaluating the brand management strategies of module and inverter manufacturers. Statements made by market intermediaries and end customers serve as the foundation of the evaluation. Manufacturers thus receive an unfiltered assessment of their own brand as well as feedback on where potential lies to optimize their brand management. The company stands out, from an installer perspective, particularly with respect to the further recommendation of the brand and the positive evaluation of the brand. Thus, Q.Cells, a top PV module brand is now receiving the premium seal.

Only a few leading manufacturers who have undergone a rigorous quality check are allowed to carry this seal. Therefore, Q.Cells belongs to a small group of elite brands worldwide. “This award confirms our dedication to a sustainable customer orientation. Q.Cells is associated with quality and reliability not only among our partners, the installers and wholesalers, but is also regarded as an innovative and high-quality product among end-customers. This quality seal presents a first class reference for us”, says Clemens Jargon, responsible for global marketing, sales and product management at Q.Cells.

TOP BRAND PV: Background to Brand Management and How the Seal is awarded Brand management is a term used to describe the systematic development of a brand within a target group and its differentiation from the competition. When this is done well, brand management can allow a brand to become functional, relevant and emotionally “charged”, and thus to become a true corporate value. Based on years of research experience, EuPD Research has developed a model in which over 30 individual factors are analyzed in order to quantify and evaluate brand management.

With the seal “TOP BRAND PV“, the leading market research and consultation firm EuPD Research has expanded their expertise in the field of certification into the PV sector. Alongside the leading award in the field of sustainable management – the Corporate Health Award – EuPD Research now offers manufacturers in the PV branch new benefits. For years, EuPD Research has been providing companies and market-listed corporations with certificates in the fields of brand management, sustainable management and production standards. Together with business partners and test institutes, such as the TÜV Süd Life Service, EuPD Research is currently leading the market in the certification of corporate sustainability. With the seal “TOP BRAND PV”, manufacturers can distinguish themselves from the competition, appear united in the eyes of end-customers and strengthen their own brand.

Awards Help Orientation: Intermediaries and Buyers Trust Seal of Approval In a competitive market, seals of approval such as the “TOP BRAND PV” seal do not just offer benefits for manufacturers – intermediaries such as installers can also differentiate themselves once they have proven that they are offering high quality brands. This generates extra marketing benefits without additional costs. For end customers, the quality seal offers a point of orientation in a highly differentiated market. The seal is both easy to understand and recognizable for the customer.

More information about the “TOP BRAND PV“ seal of approval is available under: www.eupd-research.com/intsolar/pv_seal/.


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