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16.01.2006 00:00

CSG Solar AG signs Supply Agreement with IBC SOLAR AG and Blitzstrom GmbH

Thalheim, Germany, 16 January 2006 - CSG Solar AG, based in Thalheim near Bitterfeld (Sachsen-Anhalt), announced the signing of long-term agreements for supply of CSG solar modules with Blitzstrom GmbH, specialist for innovative photovoltaic (PV) systems and IBC SOLAR AG, leading PV system integrator from  planning to delivery of turn-key solar power plants.

Under the agreements with IBC SOLAR and Blitzstrom, CSG Solar will deliver 1,4 m² PV modules manufactured using its patented Crystalline Silicon on Glass (CSG) technology. Anticipated annual supply quantities to each are expected to grow to 10 MW in 2010 with the first modules being available by the second half of 2006.  

David Hogg, CEO of CSG Solar AG, points out that there is more to the agreements than the simple supply of modules: “We have sought long term partners with whom we can exchange information, knowledge and experience and who are willing and able to work in close cooperation with us so that together we can develop optimized solar energy systems incorporating CGS modules for end users. IBC SOLAR and Blitzstrom are the right partners for CSG Solar”. PThalheim • www.csgsolar.com

Bernhard Beck, CEO of Blitzstrom GmbH, commented further: "We are pleased to enter into this agreement. This agreement also demonstrates our confidence in CSG Solar’s manufacturing development and scale-up plans to deliver large quantities of CSG modules. Additionally, CSG Solar complements Blitzstrom's extensive product line, deployment experience and unique focus in new technologies for innovative PV systems and large power plants.” 

Christian Lieberth, Manager of the Purchasing Department and Product Development of IBC SOLAR AG, emphasizes that “for the interest of our customers, we are always searching for new solutions and products on the high quality level of IBC to widen the range of our offer. CSG Solar arrives at the right moment on the market, with a future oriented technology offering great potential. Our intention is to develop a long-term cooperation with CSG Solar and work closely with them to optimize this technology”.