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12.03.2008 00:00

Q-Cells and aleo solar extend cooperation

  • New supply agreement for solar cells with a total performance of at least 1.27 gigawatt peak

Bitterfeld/Wolfen, Germany, March 12, 2008 – Bitterfeld-Wolfen-based Q-Cells and aleo solar AG (Oldenburg/Prenzlau) signed a further agreement on the supply of solar cells. The agreement relates to Q-Cells supplying solar cells to aleo solar with a total performance of at least 1.27 gigawatt peak over a period from the end of 2008 to 2019. The agreement also provides a mutual option on the supply of up to 1 gigawatt peak in addition. Market prices were agreed for the cells. 

aleo solar AG has been one of Q-Cells AG’s largest customers for many years. By expanding supplies, Q-Cells is also supporting the internationalization plans of  the module manufacturer. aleo already operates a module factory in Spain and is planning to establish a production facility in China in the context of a joint venture. “With this agreement, we are underlining our strategy of long-term strategic partnerships with our customers,” commented Anton Milner, CEO at  Q-Cells AG, on the occasion of the agreement signing ceremony.“ Such an agreement not only means that we supply cells, but that we and our agreement partner work closely together in the further development of products to secure a common high standard of quality.”