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20.04.2006 14:33

Q-Cells AG: Ströher Finanzholding AG plans combined placement of shares and synthetic exchangeable bond concerning 20.5% of the share capital of Q-Cells AG

Thalheim, April 20, 2006 - Ströher Finanzholding AG holding approx. 7.57 million shares of Q-Cells AG (20.5% of share capital), has informed us, that Immo Ströher has decided this morning to place approx. 5 million shares of Q-Cells AG to large institutional investors in Germany and abroad, in a manner considerate to the market. The reasons for this move have been given as diversification of property and personal life planning (Mr Ströher has turned 60 on March, 12). Furthermore Ströher Finanzholding AG has informed us that the other shares in Q-Cells – amounting to approx. 2.57 million – will be placed in Q-Cells shares by means of a synthetic exchangeable bond emitted by Credit Suisse and running for 3 years.

This leads to an increase of the freefloat of Q-Cells AG from approx. 55% to approx. 68.5% and therefore a higher weighting in the TecDAX index. Immo Ströher will continue with his work in Q-Cells AG’s supervisory board.