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06.08.2010 00:00

Inauguration of the Spremberg solar park on site of former barracks

  • Investor HEP Kapital GmbH, general contractor Q-Cells SE and thermovolt AG celebrate inauguration of solar park in Spremberg, Brandenburg
  • 24,000 solar modules will save 4,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year and supply 1,900 households with clean power

Spremberg, 6 August 2010 – Q-Cells SE installed a solar power station on behalf of the investment company HEP Kapital and in partnership with thermovolt AG with a power capacity of 5.3 Megawattpeak (MWp) on a 19-hectare brownfield site close to Spremberg in the federal state of Brandenburg, Germany. At today's (Friday's) ceremony, the investor and general contractor are inaugurating the solar park in the presence of Ralf Christoffers, Brandenburg's minister for the economy and European affairs, and of Dr. Klaus-Peter Schulze, the mayor of Spremberg. Around EUR 16 million in total has been invested in the solar power station, whose construction was initiated in mid-June. With just under 24,000 crystalline solar modules, the facility will supply 1,900 households with power and in the process save 4,400 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The Spremberg solar park in Brandenburg is located on the site of a former barracks. The installation of a photovoltaic system means that this  redevelopment site can  be economically exploited. Before the site could be used for this purpose, it had to be cleared of munitions and other hazardous substances by the lessor, the BImA (Federal German Agency for Property Management). The project has been developed and coordinated by Q-Cells SE, which also produced the crystalline silicon solar modules used and supplied the inverters for the solar park. Q-Cells SE commissioned thermovolt AG from Rostock to conduct the detailed project planning and construction work.

Thorsten Eitle, managing director of HEP Kapital GmbH: "HEP Kapital GmbH invests in promising market segments offering lots of opportunities and focuses on investments of special quality. We have selected Q-Cells as the general contractor on the basis of a recommendation and are extremely satisfied with the performance and quality of cooperation.“

“For Q-Cells, the installations in the Spremberg solar park are a reference project for medium-sized photovoltaic systems in commercial and industrial applications. We have extended our product portfolio with this segment since the start of 2010 as part of our strategic realignment," says Winfried Owtscharenko, Managing Director of Q-Cells International GmbH for the Commercial & Industrial division.

For Faried Muscati, thermovolt AG's sales & marketing director, the Spremberg project means environmental protection in two senses. "On the one  hand, the power of the sun is used to generate electricity. On the other, the installation of the facility on a brownfield site saves the open countryside."

The companies involved: 

The Heilbronn-based issuing house  HEP Kapital GmbH creates closed funds that are independent of commercial groups or banks in the areas of private equity, real estate and solar power. www.hep-kapital.de

thermovolt AG designs and builds systems for power generation from renewable sources, especially with photovoltaics. The range of services extends from the technical, organisation and commercial advice through planning and organising  invitations to tender to installation, operational management and maintenance. www.thermovolt.de

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