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10.06.2010 00:00

VDE presents certificates for Q-Cells solar modules at Intersolar in Munich

  • Q.PRO and Q.BASE solar modules from Q-Cells receive VDE certificate at Intersolar
  • Long-standing collaboration allows for preferential certification for solar cell customers

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 10 June 2010 – At Intersolar 2010 in Munich, the world’s largest solar industry trade fair, the VDE Testing and Certification Institute is to present Q-Cells SE with VDE certificates for its Q.PRO and Q.BASE crystalline solar modules. These new modules, extending the Q-Cells product portfolio, have been thoroughly tested by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute in Offenbach, Germany. With both products, Q-Cells markets solar modules from its own manufacture.

In the Q-Cells production process, each solar module undergoes a final check in terms of electrical and optical features. As well as ongoing inspections, modules are regularly removed and tested in a separate module test centre. Certification is carried out by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute. By establishing the Q-Cells Module Test Center, Q-Cells has built up its expertise in solar module testing. “We have set up climate chambers here in order to carry out damp heat tests, humidity freeze tests and temperature simulations. We also perform mechanical and electrical load tests,” states Bengt Jäckel, Head of Q-Cells’ Module Test Centre. “Here at Q-Cells, we also carry out testing that goes beyond certification standards. For example, the exposure time for a Q.PRO module in the climate chamber is 3,000 hours – this is three times the test duration required by standard IEC 61215 ed.2 from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Even after this extreme deterioration, the module still functions properly.” This is thanks to the high-quality components selected  and confirms the quality concepts of Q-Cells.

The Q-Cells Module Test Center has been working closely with the VDE since 2007. Based on this longstanding scientific relationship, a contract has been signed with regards to preferential collaboration. This will allow customers of Q-Cells solar cells to obtain  faster certification for modules equipped with these cells via the VDE and the Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE). As such, this will save cell customers of Q-Cells several months’ time in the market launch of a new solar module.