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14.04.2010 00:00

Q-Cells SE: Set of mini photovoltaics modules for educational purposes handed over to schools in Zörbig

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 14th March 2010: Q-Cells has presented the junior school and secondary school in Zörbig, a town in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, with a set of mini photovoltaics modules for use in lessons. Teachers and pupils can use the 25 mini photovoltaics modules and related ammeters and stands to simulate the generation of solar power at an experimental level, making the subject of photovoltaics and renewable energy a firm part of the curriculum.

"I am really glad that we have the modules to give our pupils a practical insight into photovoltaics during lessons. Photovoltaics is certainly a technology of the future, and if we can get young people excited about it that will be good for both the people and companies in our region," said Uwe H. Müller, headmaster of Zörbig junior school, with obvious pleasure upon receiving the mini modules. 

"We want to promote a change in awareness among young people in favour of power supplies based on renewable energies. School pupils play a central role in spreading opinions, knowledge and attitudes about the subject of renewable energies among their families and friends," is how Sven Schmidt, manager of the research line at Q-Cells, explained the company's commitment. "Today's pupils are tomorrow's consumers, and the new minds which will drive the transformation of the energy situation in the future. Teachers can impart this know-how to their pupils, and as a company we feel it is our duty to help them," added Peter Wawer, manager of technology at Q-Cells. 

As a company from Saxony-Anhalt, Q-Cells is aware of its responsibility for the region's future and takes an active part in bringing home to young people the great potential of solar energy as a sustainable energy supply.

In the training year 2010/11, Q-Cells is offering around 30 training places in various technical and commercial professions in order to raise a new generation of specialists. Its goal, in the medium term too, is to create demand among technically interested and well trained school-leavers in the region for the training courses at Q-Cells.