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31.03.2010 00:00

Q-Cells: Prize for commitment to sustainability

  • Sustainable Energy Europe Award received for TV and online campaign ‘Sun, sun, sun’

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 30 March 2010: During European Union Sustainable Energy Week, the ‘Sun, sun, sun’ communication campaign received the coveted Sustainable Energy Europe Award in Brussels. Günther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Energy, awarded this year’s prize to campaign partners Q-Cells, Sharp and MTV last week for their special commitment and dedication to projects serving energy efficiency, green transport and the promotion of renewable energies. 

Reaching more than 16 million youngsters, the witty, award-winning TV and online campaign featured a toaster, a mobile phone, a hairdryer and a ghetto blaster in the role of energy experts campaigning for clean energy from the sun and going on strike. The advert was shown exclusively by media cooperation partner MTV between January and April 2009. In addition, interested viewers were able to find out all about solar energy from the information and campaign website www.sonne-sonne-sonne.de.

MEP Fiona Hall praised the ‘Sun, sun, sun’ campaign as a great example of how the private sector can make young people more aware of issues like sustainability and renewable energies through creative, entertaining means without taking an accusatory tone. And in his following speech, newly appointed European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger commended the entrants’ devotion to a more sustainable future for energy, declaring: “I welcome the growing interest in this award with so many highquality entries received year after year.” 

“We interpret this award and the campaign’s success as both praise and motivation. It clearly pays to keep working together to campaign for renewable energies,” said Thomas Franken, Director of Marketing and Communications at Q-Cells in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. He added that the creative idea put forward by the WBN advertising agency from Hamburg of using household appliances to campaign for a clean environment appealed to him straight away. Moreover, the amusing, successful work done by the Stoptrick animation studio and the involvement of both MTV and Sharp had enabled the young generation in particular to be encouraged to push for a sustainable future and the transformation of the energy supply. “We are thrilled that the campaign has been honoured with such a prestigious award – and regard this as a call to continue it,” proclaimed Thomas Franken. 


For more information on the campaign: www.sonne-sonne-sonnne.de

TV advert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGEAya9Ll00&feature=player_embedded

More information on EU Sustainable Energy Week: http://www.eusew.eu/

More information on Q-Cells SE: http://www.q-cells.com

Photos: http://www.qcells.com/medien/unternehmen/presse_media/kampagnen/downloads/Sustainable_Energy_Europe_Award.zip