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04.07.2011 00:00

Q-Cells solar road show: Next generation of Q-Cells solar modules is on tour

  • Q-Cells solar truck – a mobile show room – visits customers and partners
  • Truck tours five European countries, starting on 4 July in Italy
  • Next generation of modules with new “Q-CELLS YIELD SECURITY” seal of quality for higher yields and improved security

Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Germany) / Rome (Italy), 4 July 2011 – Today, Q-Cells SE, one of the world’s leading photovoltaic companies, has started a unique solar road show with a Q-Cells branded truck that will serve as a mobile show room for partners and customers. The truck will stop in different locations in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France between July and October 2011. With this road show, Q-Cells aims to strengthen its network of partners throughout Europe and promote the next generation of Q-Cells solar modules as well as the issue of solar energy in general. The Q-Cells truck starts its tour today, 4 July 2011, in the Italian town of Gonzaga (Mantova) and will tour Italy, one of Q-Cells’ key strategic markets, until 8 July, before continuing its journey in Germany.

Through organising this solar road show, Q-Cells will actively support its customers in selling and installing Q-Cells solar modules. The initiative is an integral part of the new marketing concept of Q-Cells, which aims for the consistent brand positioning in the market. Within the framework of the road show, all partners will be provided with training sessions to guarantee the professional and safe installation of Q-Cells systems, high yields and 100% quality. Moreover, partners will be supplied with all necessary background information on the benefits of Q-Cells solar products.

The truck has been designed by Luigi Colani and combines futuristic elements with an aerodynamic design, reducing petrol consumption by up to 25% compared to similar trucks. Along with a solar-powered bar and a roof-top terrace, the truck showcases on its loading area innovative Q-Cells products, such as the crystalline solar modules Q.PRO and Q.PEAK and the solar modules of the Q.SMART CIGS thin-film product family. 

The next generation of solar modules is characterised by higher efficiencies and the newly developed seal of quality, “Q-CELLS YIELD SECURITY”, which combines the following features: Next-generation crystalline solar modules are equipped with innovative Anti PID Technology (APT), protected against hotspots thanks to the unique Hot-Spot Protect (HSP) quality control, and can be traced across the entire value chain due to individual coding by means of Tra.QTM laser marking technology. Q-Cells complements these benefits with the best warranties in the industry: a linear performance warranty guarantees a power output of 83% after 2 5 years for crystalline solar modules and 85% for CIGS thin-film solar modules.

For its Q.SMART thin-film modules, Q-Cells not only provides PID-protection but also offers an Additional Power Boost (APB), an increase in output by up to 15% due to positive sorting and the light-soaking effect. This improved performance ensures that customers get more output than they pay for. Q.SMART modules are suitable for diverse appplications due to their outstanding low-light behaviour and performance at unfavourable angles. Q-Cells sums up the benefits of these versatile application options with the term 360° Efficiency (TDE – Three hundred and sixty Degree Efficiency).

Following, the schedule of the Q-Cells truck’s tour across Italy:

  • Monday, 4 July 2011: Gonzaga (Mantova)
  • Tuesday, 5 July 2011: Jessi (Ancona)
  • Wednesday, 6 July 2011: Perugia
  • Friday, 8 July 2011: Vicenza