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08.06.2011 00:00

Q-Cells SE: Next generation of solar modules with seal of quality for higher yields and improved security

  • Q-Cells develops unique seal of quality for improved security and higher yields: “Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY”
  • Q-Cells presents comprehensive range of modules for varied applications
  • Q-Cells starts market activation programme to support sales of the new product generation

Bitterfeld-Wolfen / Munich (Germany), June 8, 2011 – From June 8 to 10, leading international photovoltaics company Q-Cells SE presents its new generation of crystalline solar cells and modules at booth 270, hall 2, at Intersolar, the biggest industry trade fair in the world. Highlights will be the nextgeneration polycrystalline solar module Q.PRO, the monocrystalline, highly efficient premium module Q.PEAK, which will make its debut at Intersolar, as well as optimised Q.SMART CIGS thin-film modules. Based on enhanced cell and thin-film technology, the new generation of Q-Cells products offers customers improved security and higher yields across the entire portfolio, ranging from cells to modules and systems. This promise is anchored in “Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY”, the new seal of quality issued by Q-Cells. It is complemented by the new linear performance guarantee.

The next generation of solar products with “Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY” – maximum yields and triple security

The next generation of solar cells and modules stands out by higher efficiency and the newly developed seal of quality, “Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY”. It applies to the enhanced cell concept and combines three quality features: Next-generation crystalline solar cells and modules are PID-free, protected against hot spots and can be traced across the entire value chain due to their individual coding. Q-Cells developed an innovative Anti PID technology, protecting solar cells and thus all modules against potential induced degradation, which could reduce output by up to 20%. Q-Cells also inspects products in ongoing production for material defects that could cause overheating – so-called hot spots. The procedure of identifying low-quality cells and removing them from the process has been tested and proved itself for years. All solar cells made by Q-Cells are provided with a unique laser code. Cell coding is realised by means of the Tra.QTM laser signature technology, developed and patented by Q-Cells. It ensures that all products can be transparently tracked across the entire value chain. This increases Q-Cells’ service quality 2 in case of warranty claims, supports the recycling process and protects consumers against counterfeits. “Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY” gives customers a quality promise that is unequalled in the domestic and international market. And Q-Cells even adds an extended guarantee. As of now, Q-Cells issues its customers with a linear performance guarantee of 25 years, distinguishing itself from its competitors. For crystalline modules, Q-Cells guarantees output at more than 83% of their original performance after 25 years, exceeding the market average by 3%. All Q.SMART CIGS modules keep their performance at 100% during the first three years and achieve more than 85% of rated output at the end of the guarantee period. Q-Cells also issues a product guarantee of ten years for all solar modules.

Q-Cells presents comprehensive range of highly efficient modules for varied applications

In addition to Q-Cells’ threefold quality promise, the next generation of solar cells and modules also offers higher yields. Highly efficient solar cells from Q-Cells are the basis for the next generation of solar modules. The polycrystalline Q.PRO solar module has a rated output of up to 250 watts. The new highlyefficient monocrystalline module Q.PEAK consists of 60 monocrystalline 6-inch solar cells. It is the most powerful module of its kind in the international market, achieving output of up to 260 watts. Due to the use of full-square mono cells, this high performer  generates up to 3% higher yields compared to conventional modules with pseudo-square mono cells. The  Q.SMART  module series rounds off Q-Cells’ module portfolio. Q.SMART solar modules from Q-Cells are based on CIGS thin-film technology and mark efficiency records in the field of thin-film modules. The Q.SMART UF solar module recently set a new world record, reaching an efficiency of 14.7% on aperture area. The result was confirmed by independent Fraunhofer ISE (Institute for Solar Energy Systems). Q.SMART modules are also issued with the Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY seal of quality. Q-Cells not only provides PID-protection but also offers Additional Power Boost (APB), an increase in output by up to 15%. Positive sorting and the light soaking effect, a proven benefit of thin-film technology, enable this boost  in performance. This means that buyers of Q.SMART modules get more output than they paid for. Q.SMART modules are suitable for diverse applications due to their outstanding low-light behaviour and performance at unfavourable angles. Q-Cells sums up the benefits of these varied application options with the term 360° efficiency (TDE – Three hundred and sixty Degree Efficiency)

The extensive range of modules makes a variety of applications available to Q-Cells’ international customers, including ground-mounted systems, residential east-west roof-top installations, industrial ground-mounted units, carport systems and building integrated installations.  

Q-Cells supports partners with market activation programme and Solar Truck road show 

Q-Cells has launched the market activation programme  PRO.MAP. The goal is to establish a uniform marketing approach, actively supporting customers and partners in selling Q-Cells solar modules. Q-Cells offers its partners qualified trainings and coaching within the scope of PRO.MAP, supplies extensive marketing material to boost sales activities and supports their presentations at trade fairs. To mark  the launch of this market activation programme, Q-Cells has initiated a Solar Truck road show through Europe. The Q-Cells truck functions as a mobile show room, travelling from Italy via Germany, Switzerland and Belgium to France. From July to October, partners can use the truck to organise “in-house exhibitions” on site and present Q-Cells’ products in their individual core markets. An exhibition venue on wheels, the truck is more than a platform to showcase products. Trainings will also be offered directly in the truck. The Q-Cells truck was designed by German designer Luigi Colani. It combines attractive, futuristic elements and is shaped aerodynamically, reducing petrol consumption by up to 25% compared to other trucks of its kind. 

At Intersolar 2011, Q-Cells is presenting a full range of innovative, profitable modules for varied applications, securing excellent quality through the unique “Q-Cells YIELD SECURITY” seal of quality. An estimated 75,000 thousands visitors will attend the biggest international industry trade fair in Munich. The Q-Cells stand is located in hall A2, booth 270. We are looking forward to seeing you.