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04.05.2011 00:00

Q-Cells SE presents product portfolio at SolarExpo and strengthens market presence in Italy

Bitterfeld Wolfen (GER) / Verona (IT), May 4, 2011 – Q-Cells SE, one of the world’s leading photovoltaics companies, is presenting their new, performance-optimised solar cell technology and the comprehensive portfolio of modules, ranging from crystalline solar modules to thin-film modules, at the industry fair SolarExpo in Verona from May 4 to May 6 2011. Trade visitors are provided with detailed information on the products of Q-Cells at booth C9.1, hall 2. Q-Cells has been successfully active in the Italian market for six years. Italy ranks among the most important photovoltaic (PV) markets in the world and continues to be one of company’s strategic key markets.

Q-Cells has been successfully selling its high-quality solar cells in Italy already since 2005. In 2010, the company also introduced crystalline and thin-film modules into the market. From its country office in Rome, which counts 25 employees by now, Q-Cells focuses primarily on expanding the systems business with small and medium-sized roof-top systems (commercial&industrial business). For example, approximately 6,800 thin-film modules (612 KWp) from Q-Cells were installed in a flat roof solar system on the roof of Venice airport by the end of 2010. As early as in mid-2009, Q-Cells built Puglia, one of the biggest solar parks in Italy with a total output of 10 MWp. Moreover, Q-Cells builds on its experience in the systems business and successfully offers comprehensive services packages to Italian investors of solar parks. “Our products and services meet the high demands of Italian customers thanks to their excellent performance and attractive design,” said Matthias Altieri, Managing Director of Q-Cells Italia. In 2010, QCells generated about 12% of total sales in Italy. 

New solar cell technology 

At SolarExpo in Verona, Q-Cells presents the new, performance-optimised solar cell technology, which combines several quality features. Improved surface metallization ensures higher efficiency compared to previous cells. Changes to the front side layout of the cell and full-square format contribute to increasing the efficiency rating by 8 percent from 17.4 percent to 18.8 percent. Thanks to the new structure, the cells also generate higher yields at module level. This technology will be used in the production of a new generation of solar modules, which will be presented on the occasion of the industry fair Intersolar in Munich in June 2011.

Comprehensive solar module portfolio 

In spring 2010, Q-Cells adopted a new strategic focus: developing the company from a solar cell manufacturer to a leading international photovoltaics company. Today, Q-Cells offers solar cells as well as crystalline and thin-film solar modules and supplies complete photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial and industrial as well as utility-scale  projects. Q-Cells products and services are distributed through an international sales network. It comprises nine national branches catering to 15 key markets, which make up more than 80% of the entire global market for photovoltaics.

Q-Cells has established a comprehensive portfolio of crystalline modules within only one year. The company manufactures crystalline modules only from  own highly efficient solar modules. In terms of output, both crystalline and thin-film modules from Q-Cells are among the leading products in the market. Various types of modules presented at SolarExpo cater to diverse applications, ranging from residential roof-top systems to utility-scale solar plants. 

Q.SMART is Q-Cells’ thin-film module based on CIGS technology. In the field of thin-field applications, CIGS thin-film modules achieve the highest efficiency ratings. The Q.SMART UF solar module recently marked a new world record, reaching an efficiency of 13.37%. The result was already confirmed by independent Fraunhofer ISE (Institute for Solar Energy Systems). Q.SMART thin-film modules perfectly complement crystalline modules from Q-Cells. The flexible Q.SMART products are suitable for diverse applications, featuring outstanding low-light behaviour as well as high performance at low radiation and high temperatures. In addition, the all-black solar modules are the perfect choice for appealing applications.  

Q.PRO is another polycrystalline solar module produced by Q-Cells, which is particularly suited for small industrial and residential roof-top systems due to  its high efficiencies and performance properties. It consists of 60 solar cells and achieves output of up to 240 Wp at module level. Q.PRO solar modules have another quality feature: Thanks to accurate positive sorting, all possible deviations exceed the rated performance in Watt, ensuring reliable energy output.  

Q.BASE is Q-Cells’ polycrystalline module for major ground-mounted solar systems as well as large-scale industrial and commercial roof-top installations. These 60 cell solar modules achieve output of up to 230 Wattpeak (Wp). Due to the high compatibility with all standard inverters and mounting systems, the Q.BASE solar modules are a simple and cost-efficient solution with a long service life for major systems.  

The full range of modules produced by Q-Cells is subject to permanent quality controls and regular tests beyond the requirements of the relevant standard. Integrating research, development and production at the company’s headquarters in Thalheim, Germany, provides the required framework for Q-Cells to continuously prove their technology leadership and quickly apply their successes in industrial production. Given these quality standards, Q-Cells grants comprehensive guarantees to its customers: A performance guarantee for ten years on 90% of the rated output  and for 25 years on 80% of the rated output. Furthermore, Q-Cells grants a product guarantee for 10 years.