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18.04.2011 00:00

Q-Cells presents new solar cell technology at first Silicon PV conference in Germany

Bitterfeld-Wolfen/Freiburg, 18 April 2011 – Q-Cells SE, one of the world’s leading photovoltaic companies, presents its new solar cell technology at the first international conference on silicon photovoltaics, which will be held from 17-20 April in Freiburg in Germany. At the conference, the technology experts and scientists from Q-Cells SE will share their latest discoveries and data for improvement of silicon technology with topics about efficiency enhancement, material characterisation and methods of passivation in silicon photovoltaic.

At Silicon PV, Peter Wawer, Senior Vice President Technology at Q-Cells, will unveil the company’s new cell technology for high-efficiency solar cells. These cells have been developed at the Q-Cells in-house research centre, with function nanolayers on the rear side metallised and passivated. This results in improved optical aesthetics and electrical performance, and it significantly boosts the solar cells’ output. In February 2011, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) verified the record-breaking performance of the polycrystalline solar modules produced by Q-Cells using this high-performance cell technology.

“This world record sees Q-Cells once again underscore its leading technological position in the field of crystalline solar cells,” emphasised Peter Wawer, Senior Vice President Technology at Q-Cells. He continued: “Thanks to the close integration of research, development and production at our Thalheim plant, the high-performance module we have developed will soon be ready for series production.”

Alongside presentations of Q-Cells’ new solar cell technology for mon- and multicrystalline silicon, Q-Cells’ technological experts will also have information to report about surface passivation of solar cells and about long-term solar module stability, an issue of critical importance to the sector.

Silicon PV, the first international conference about silicon photovoltaics, will focus on the technology featured in crystalline silicon solar cells and solar modules. As the first international conference for silicon photovoltaics, Silicon PV will bring together an international audience consisting of scientists and technological experts from around the entire world. In this, its first year, the event will focus on the issue of Advanced Cells and Modules. The international representatives of companies and institutes will present their studies and research results at their stands, at presentations and during panel discussions. The conference will emphasise Germany’s leading role as a motor for technological innovations within the photovoltaics sector, something which is supported by Q-Cells SE, as one of the world’s largest solar energy companies with roots in Germany.