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22.12.2010 00:00

Q-Cells SE: Q-Cells introduces global pay system

  • Global grading creates framework for transparent and fair pay systems
  • Higher wages and salaries for over 80 per cent of Q-Cells employees
  • Integrated HR management to increase staff loyalty to company

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, 22 December 2010 – Q-Cells SE, one of the leading international providers of integrated photovoltaic solutions, and the Works Council of Q-Cells SE signed a global grading works agreement. Global grading makes it possible to conduct a cross-departmental, standardised evaluation of all functions within the company. A works agreement on pay was agreed at the same time as the global grading works agreement. This new payment agreement will be introduced on 1 April 2011. It creates a fair and transparent compensation framework for the employees. For the company, the system forms the basis for an effective and integrated staff recruitment and personnel development. It thus improves Q-Cells’ competitiveness in recruiting qualified staff.

In the grading process, all functions in the company were evaluated and then assigned to a fair market salary level. As first, approximately 540 functions were evaluated at Q-Cells in recent months, which were then allocated to the approximately 1,300 employees. The new pay structure was established in a separate works agreement, under which more than 80 per cent of Q-Cells employees will earn more money in future. The wages of employees in the lowest wage group were increased by five per cent across the board.

“Motivated and well-paid employees are crucial to  the success of our company”, said Johan Wallgren, Head of Human Resources at Q-Cells. “By introducing global grading, we want to increase employee loyalty to the company and obtain new employees in the increasing competition for qualified staff.” 

The new pay system takes account of Q-Cells’ positive corporate development in 2010 in particular. Thecompany had already made a one-off payment of EUR 1000 in November thus gratifying the efforts made. With the new attractive compensation system, Q-Cells also creates a competitive advantage in the industry. This system is based on the sector environment and specific local conditions, but also allows the company to now position itself in the cross-regional competition for qualified staff. 

In addition, committed Q-Cells employees can now fulfil the personal requirements for obtaining a higherrated position by means of further qualifications and continuous increase in experience. Global Grading makes development opportunities transparent, thus every employee knows where he or she stands in the company. 

By introducing global grading, Q-Cells has set a key milestone on the path to its strategic realignment, especially in view of the company’s international expansion. With worldwide uniform HR and pay systems, Q-Cells will strengthen its future position as a responsible and attractive employer with a uniform company profile on the world market for photovoltaics. Against this background, the company is planning to launch global grading across the Group. Intense  negotiations are already underway at the subsidiary Solibro in Thalheim. At the beginning of 2011, global grading will also be introduced in Malaysia and the other country offices globally.